Consolas is a good programmer's font. You can download it freely from Microsoft. But to install it you need Visual Studio installed. But here I'll show you how to install it without having VS installed.

1. Download the original font setup from the Microsoft website.

2. Download and install Orca. Orca is a Windows Installer package editor.

3. Now run the consolas installer. You'll get an error message. But don't close the installer. Instead navigate to the %temp% directory and you'll see a (random_string).msi file. Copy it to another directory and exit the installer.

4. Right-Click the now obtained msi file and choose Edit with Orca.

5. In Orca, in the left pane look for LaunchCondition.

6. Toggle the value of IS_VSS_INSTALLED. (Or you can just right-click the row and choose Drop Row).

7. Save the changes, close Orca and run the patched installer.