Previously I had posted about how Parallels works well for macOS under macOS. I had recently setup Windows 11 VM running under macOS Ventura with VMWare Fusion 12 for gaming. I had Crysis 3 working in it flawlessly. I recently upgraded my mac to Sonoma. I then tried playing the game and it won't load the gameplay. It loads the game menu and when I click resume game, it loads the stage but then freezes the entire VM and BSOD after a while. I tried few other graphics intensive games and all leads to BSOD. I did not change any VM spec. I tried some old games released around 2010 and those worked.

Basically VMWare is not working for gaming in Sonoma. I tried VMWare Fusion 13 also. So I gave Parallels a try. Installed Windows 11 and Crysis 3. Copied the saved game from VMWare and the game worked without any issues!