Bookmarks Organizer is a nifty browser extension that automatically sorts bookmarks alphabetically when added. We can also sort all bookmarks manually using the reorder button. Chrome has moved to new version of manifest which is v3 making incompatible differences in how extensions work. All manifest v2 extensions will be removed from the store starting Jan 2024.

The previous version of the Bookmarks Organizer used web worker for compute intensive sort operation. With manifest v3, the default background script runs as a service worker. Currently chrome cannot create nested workers. So I rewrote the entire extension as I cannot use web worker and made it more streamlined. The current version excludes Other Bookmarks/Other Favourites from sorting so that any manual ordered bookmarks can be placed there.

Get Bookmarks Organizer for Google Chrome which is a featured extension in the chrome web store.

Bookmarks Organizer Chrome Featured

Bookmarks Organizer is also now available for Microsoft Edge browser as Edge Add-on.