In order to download videos from the traditional way is to use the Adobe Media Player and sign in. Add the video to your library or rss etc. and it downloads for offline viewing.

But to see your library you need to login. But there is some bug in Adobe Media Player so I get We are sorry.. message soon after signing in. So basically it doesn't work for me. We could download the video by following the below steps.

1. You need URLSnooper.

2. Install it. Make sure that you install winpcap which comes along with it.

3. Open URLSnooper and in the menu click Advanced. Then select your network adapter.. etc

4. Click Sniff network. In the protocol filter let it be Multimedia URLs.

5. Then open your browser and go to the video page (and let the video start to play).

6. Now you will see some links appear in the sniffer (URLSnooper).

7. They are actually http links.

8. Also note that the videos are mostly hosted on servers.

9. Now you will see some links like (ignore the {} brackets):{some_string_video_name}.flv?rss_feedid={a_number}&xmlvers=2

10. There it is!! So the url is{some_string_video_name}.flv

11. Copy and paste it in your browser. Download it. Watch them offline!