Lisp for High Performance Transaction Processing is a talk given by Daniel Weinreb on Aug 2009. The original video is not available now as it was later set as private and now taken down. You can watch or download the talk here or read the excerpt.

It's mainly about the use of Lisp at ITA which now is a part of Google. ITA's products are QPX which is an airline fare search program and res which is the airline reservation system. They use Common Lisp and Clozure CL for their business layer. The presentation is in Java and Oracle for their database. C++ is used for bit manipulation, cryptography, and other performance critical areas. Couple of Python, Perl, Shell etc. He just mentions that computational linguistics algorithm, rule based expert system and diversity algorithms are being used. He also talks about the future direction of Lisp especially with Clojure towards the end of the talk. In general, it's an interesting talk.

Watch or download. You might want to disable any ad blocking for the site for this video to show up.